25 May 2021



Concession trailers have become a very popular business venture for every young entrepreneur and restaurant owner seeking to expand their business or new entrepreneur looking to start up a new business venture. Operating a concession trailer gives you as an owner the opportunity to experiment with your menus and the location. The largest investment and money put in is from buying the concession trailer itself so it should be given some thought into which type of model you would like. The food business is consistently growing, and more people are getting involved. Here is our guide to concession trailers for food businesses.

Types of Concession Trailers

Concession trailers are the preferred choice of most vendors in the food industry due to their mobility and sizes. They are in-trend due to their convenience for customers and popular demand. Concession trailers are reliable and will require less maintenance. There are so many different types of trailers available and there is no limit on what type of food or beverage business you can launch.

Coffee Trailers

Starting a mobile coffee business is a viable option for those new entrepreneurs looking to start up their own coffee shop business but want something more feasible, affordable, and manageable to start with. There are so many different types of coffee and even more ways to flavour them. A mobile coffee trailer will have lower initial costs than a traditional coffee shop. Coffee trailers are a great option for serving coffee on the go in pretty much anywhere with road access.

Pizza Trailers

Opening a mobile pizza business is a no-brainer. Who doesn’t love pizza? It is a delicious family and kid’s favourite. Whether you stay traditional or go gourmet, your trailer can book catering events, local festivals, and park up at busy street areas. Marketing a pizza business is a lot easier than most other food business ideas. Make your pizza trailer stand out with family pizza recipes.

Bar Trailers

A concession bar trailer is fully equipped to maintain, dispense, and manage your preference of alcohol to sell at any location of your choice. Whether you serve beer, Prosecco, gin, wine, or other speciality drinks, you just need a bartender and server, and your trailer will be the life of the event!

BBQ Trailers

Whether a local fair, festival, or an outdoor wedding, everyone loves barbecue food. Barbecuing food is more than just food, it is an experience, and every recipe has its own unique flavour. Bring your delicious barbecue food to your customers with a food concession trailer. You have the benefits of flexibility in terms of hours and location, lower start-up and monthly costs, and creativity in terms of your menu.

How to Choose the Right Concession Trailer

There is a lot to consider when choosing a concession trailer, ranging from its size, durability, and materials. You should also consider your current situation and what your plans are for the future. Here are some of the factors to consider:

Size of the Trailer

When choosing your trailer size, small or large, you must consider your current situation and your plans for the long-term future. Food trailers larger in size are more spacious, comfortable with more employees, and will allow you to serve large amounts of food.

Used and New Concession Trailer

You should consider that new or used trailers are recommended and it will depend on the buyer’s needs. A used trailer will be less expensive to buy than a used one.

Aspects to consider for buying a used trailer include:

  • A used trailer price is significantly lower than a new one. This will benefit anyone who may have a specific budget.
  • Used trailers come with equipment already installed, which will save you time and money.
  • If you are purchasing from an individual owner, they could offer you advice and tips as well as upfront knowledge about the vehicle’s history.

Aspects to consider for buying a new trailer include:

  • You get to design and set up the trailer the way you would like it. Starting from scratch means you can put in your own equipment and how you would like it.
  • You will have access to the manufacturer warranty with all new concession trailer builds.
  • All new mechanical and electrical features inside.

Durability and Construction Materials

Pay attention to the materials used to build the interior and exterior of the concession trailer. You want a trailer that is built with high-quality materials, withstand wear and tear, easy to clean, and sanitary. Think about the food you will be preparing and what it will involve.

Benefits of Concession Trailers

  • Concession trailers are a very promising and popular business for anyone who wants to set up a mobile food business.
  • Food trailers come available in a range of different sizes to suit everyone’s specific requirements.
  • Food concession trailers are ideal for parking in different locations while on the move.
  • Compared to traditional indoor dining restaurants, trailers require less money investment. The initial and most investment is put into the trailer itself. The money you have saved can be used for creating an attractive and appealing menu and marketing the business.
  • A trailer is convenient and ideal for both customers and owners.
  • Concession trailers carry a lot more space which is ideal for storing equipment and food away.
  • Opening a food business also gives you great opportunities to cater for events such as outdoor markets, fairs, and other community-type events. By being a part of social gatherings, it will boost your return on investment and increase your local presence.
  • Food trailers are a great way of building your social media presence and gaining new followers online. On social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, you can post tasty dishes and your business location.

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