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Bespoke Airstream Catering Trailers - Built For You!

The iconic, all chrome, American-styled Airstream Catering Trailer is known worldwide. Although fashionable in its own way, it is now making a big splash as a catering trailer & food truck, as are all vintage vehicles for this type of use. This quintessentially all-American classic will turn heads where ever it goes, a truth known by all its owners. Add to this a fully-functional modern mobile kitchen facility and the trailer stands head and shoulders above the competition.

Bez obzira na stil i izgled koji odgovaraju vašim zahtjevima, klijenti usluge Reward Catering mogu biti sigurni da su sva vozila i prikolice ručno rađeni po najvišim specifikacijama, s detaljima koji nijedan od njih nema. Tvrtka zadržava autentičan izgled i izgled temeljen na originalnom vanjskom dizajnu vozila, a istovremeno sadrži funkcionalnost dvadeset i prvog stoljeća za mobilnu ugostiteljsku industriju.

Whichever style and appearance suit your requirements, Reward Catering clients can rest assured that all our Airstream catering trailers are handmade to the highest specification, with a detail that is second to none. The company keeps the authentic look and feel based on the vehicles original outside design while housing twenty-first-century functionality for the mobile catering industry across the UK, Ireland and Europe.