19 Jul 2020



Decades ago, street food was once popular in Europe. It wasn’t until proper restaurants were created that street food vendors found their business to decline dramatically. Everyone, suddenly, seemed to value sitting down for a gourmet style meal more than a fast and tasty alternative. This trend could be observed in many countries within Europe, especially when it began to divide class structures in society.

However, in today’s day and age, street food is all the rage. Anyone looking for an unapologetically tasty meal goes to the street. Given that you have the option between various cuisines, Asian, Chinese, Mediterranean, Korean, Indian, American, Vietnamese and more, you will never get bored. The use of fresh and organic produce has become one of the defining characteristics of street food and vendors distinguish themselves from all corporate fast food chains and gourmet restaurants –they offer delicious and healthy dishes at a much cheaper price point. This transforms street food into giving an unparalleled experience to all those who partake.

Additionally, all over the world, street food is used as a medium of expressing identity. Every country or city you travel to will have a unique take on street food and will serve you dishes that are beyond your wildest expectations. To say street food has become a major part of our time would be an understatement.

How did it gain popularity?

The actual street food trend started in the coasts of America when most eating out options were deemed ‘too expensive’ due to the recession that has occurred in 2008. Since then, many restaurants were shut down. This gave chefs the leeway to create their own establishment through roadside carts, movable shops and the like. They sold their creations to the public at a more economical rate. Slowly but surely, this trend swept throughout the country and, then, the globe.

Ever since, street food has been constantly evolving and improving in the UK, Ireland and most of Europe. From fish and chips, to hot dogs, to churros, to pizzas and more, all of it can be found, in differed variations, at every street corner. According to a study by Santa Maria, the most desired street food item is a sandwich, burger, bow of noodles or a hot dog.

Enjoying the experience and delight brought about by different forms and variations of street food, people are also more likely to spend more money on it. That is 2.5 billion people all across the globe willing to spend a little more for that added taste and authenticity.

Why do people opt for setting up street food businesses?

Most chefs opt for setting up street side carts, busses or trucks because of a variety of reasons:

  • The industry is experiencing a steady growth since the year 2017. Thus, they are bound to be profitable.
  • They are able to target and approach a wider market base than to be constricted to one spot, waiting for customers to arrive.
  • They only need a small sum of money to ensure functionality of their street food set up instead of a long term, intense, investment.
  • They are able to make changes easily due to the added convenience of being a roadside vendor. Thus, things like packing, relocating, changing menu and the like become much easier.


Here, at Reward Catering we have the means to provide you with all the equipment you need to ensure the success of your business. Whenever you establish a business, you want to see it rise amongst the ranks and become an entity people associate good memories with. We can help you by providing services that revolve around two basic functions:

1.     Sales

2.     Rental

As a mobile caterer, you need to ensure that the look you promote goes hand in hand with the kind of service you provide. Additionally, it also needs to be functional so that all of your needs are met as closely as possible. As such, we provide you access to the purchase of equipment like:

  • Airstream Food Truck
  • Airstream Trailer
  • Citroen HY Food Truck
  • Citroen HY Trailer
  • Coffee Vans
  • Mobile Juice Bars

No matter the size, dimensions, design or function, we can give you access to the perfect solution in Ireland, UK, Europe and even Dubai. All you have to do is figure out what your needs are and get in touch.

Secondly, our next set of services include rentals. We understand that street food comes with a sense of being free to move from one point to another –this is why we have incorporated renting services within our business so that we are able to accommodate you to the full extent. Through us, you will be able to hire out:

  • Airstream Food Truck
  • Airstream Trailer
  • Citroen HY Food Truck
  • Citroen HY Trailer
  • Coffee Vans
  • Mobile Juice Bars
  • Promotional Vintage Vehicles
  • Promotional Retro Vehicles
  • Corporate Hire Vehicles
  • Corporate Hire Trailers and more

One thing that we must bring to your attention is the fact that our rental services are only attainable in areas of Ireland only, as of yet. However, for those looking to purchase at competitive prices, Reward Catering is the best solution.

Let us support the street food culture and celebrate the local chefs in all areas of the world through providing the basic equipment needed to function. Trucks and vans fully supported with power sources, adaptable kitchens and areas for decoration and design. Starting your own business is not as tough with our support and reach. 


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